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We help Auckland businesses promote their services, engage their customers and boost their presence across digital channels over the world wide web. If you are an Auckland business looking for Digital Marketing Auckland, then let’s talk.

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Get more sales with a digital strategy and excellent execution.

Digital Marketing Auckland Pros works with anyone from the government, electricians, builders, tourism operators, accounts, e-commerce to startups and software companies.

Conversions are all that matters

Want to Rake-in new leads and convert way more sales? Our team of talented individuals specialise in Google and Facebook Ad Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Email Campaign and Search Engine Optimisation for small to large businesses in New Zealand and abroad to skyrocket conversions. Talk to us today

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Digital Strategy

Every successful campaign in any industry needs a strategy. We produce a roadmap of how we can best deliver your business results. Find out more.

Digital Advertising 

Google advertising, Facebook advertising, Youtube, Pinterest and beyond. Find out more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 

Hey, how did you think you just found us? Yep – We know how to rank a website for amazing Google results. No ad spend is needed. Find out more.

Website Design 

We design and build laser fast, stunning websites that can outperform your competition giving your digital presence the boost it needs.

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our marketers take the hassle out of online marketing

Free Website Audits

Submit your website for us to grab our magnifying glass and search for all the things we can do to improve your results. We do not charge for this.


Search Engine Marketing

Our experience plus the powerful tools of Google and Facebook, help us execute successful live adverting campaigns.


Social Media Marketing

Creative content marketing through social media channels is here to stay. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram


Email / Newsletter Marketing

The customers you already have are your biggest assets and marketing with email to them is the most powerful way.


Journey with us

Our 4 Step Digital Marketing Journey

  1. Audit

    Your website and social media channels are the fronts of your business. We take a good look into how well you are currently doing things while collecting all the needed data on what we can improve on. We then can spit out a report to share with you our findings, where we fit in to achieve your goals either by SEO, Search Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Design or a combination.

  2. Plan

    Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy is a fundamental part of our business. A digital marketing agency needs to put in the hours from the get-go to learn everything about your business. We need to learn and understand your business goals. Once we understand who you are and, most importantly, who your customers are, we can then put the wheels in motion.

  3. Execution

    Here’s the fun part. Once we have a solid digital strategy that includes your ad spend, we set up all your campaigns in Google, Facebook, Linkedin – Whatever the platform and go live. The execution is split into stages. The first phase is testing the market with different content and different audiences. Once we have a winning combination, that’s when we start to see the sales roar in. It’s important to give each digital channel enough chance to perform. Normally, a successful campaign may take up to 3 months.

  4. Reporting

    We live and breathe analytics. Producing a monthly report is important to show you how we have improved your web presence and most importantly – Sales! We don’t care about producing giant figures of impressions just to please you – We want to produce actual sales, otherwise, our job isn’t worth doing.

digital platforms we work with

Auckland Digital Marketing use the Google Ads network to deliver great results
Pinterest marketing using the ad network
Facebook marketing is still huge. We create the right type of video ads to engage your audience.
Semrush great for reporting analytics
The Youtube ad network and it's friends for marketing
Mailchimp email marketing
Instagram marketing content
Wordpress the powerful website builder

Our main tools for marketing are Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest. For reporting, we use Google Analytics and Datasheets. And for email marketing, we can use Mail Chimp, Click Funnels, Campaign Monitor. For Webdesign we love WordPress. Why? Because we know how to smash SEO with it.

why use Auckland digital marketing

Digital Marketing Auckland Pros Founder and Chief
Founder –
Sam Ardern

The individuals at Auckland Digital Marketing all have individual strengths and a giant wealth of experience. Together, we create the ultimate team of pros to take your business to the next level.

We have done marketing campaigns and web designs for government, businesses and charities.

We would love to have a chat with you and talk about your goals. Digital Marketing Auckland is based in Takapuna Auckland, so if you are keen on coffee, then let’s talk digital.

Frequently asked questions

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses online-based technologies such as mobile phones, computers, digital signage and other digital media to promote products and services. As people are more and more using digital devices in their everyday life, instead of visiting actual physical shops, digital marketing campaigns have become the most important method to reach these audiences.

What do they look like?

Digital marketing campaigns can be: Search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), influencer marketing, e-commerce marketing, e-mail direct marketing and social media marketing.

What is Search engine optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is the process of improving quality organic traffic to your website. So, rather than the paid listings that appear in the search results, the unpaid traffic can come from image search, news search, video search and industry-specific search engines.

With a digital strategy, SEO takes into account how search engines work, the algorithms that make it all happen, what people are searching for, and the keywords typed in that relationship.

Why Should I Use A Digital Marketing Agency?

There are a few reasons why you would want to hire an agency like Auckland Digital Marketing to help grow your business. Let’s take a look at those:

Too many business owners trying to run their own digital campaigns which take their focus on actually building their company, when they are much better to contract this out giving them better results while freeing them up.

A major reason you would consider an agency is an expert element. We know digital back to front and have been working in this space for many years so by coming to a company like Auckland Digital Marketing, you are giving your business the best shot at explosive growth.